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Canby In the Spotlight - Development Focused Newsletter

This semi-annual newsletter focuses on new development, business and investment as well as emerging opportunities in Canby. It features economic development related information such as details  on new companies coming to Canby; business expansions; major commercial, residential or other developments; and initiatives that support Canby’s growth. For more information or story ideas please contact Renate Mengelberg at 503-266-0701 or

Fall 2015 Newsletter (Complete PDF) (3.14 MB)

Page 1 - Grand Northern Products Chooses Canby

Page 2 - New Canby Business Developments

Page 3 - New Housing Options Explode in Canby

Page 4 - McCormack Properties Moving Forward/Condo Quality Apartments to be Built

Page 1
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Winter 2014 Newsletter (Complete PDF) (824 KB)

Pg 1 - Winter 2014 Residential Real Estate Trends/Strategic Downtown Buildings and Sites for Sale
Pg 2 - Trend Business Center/State of the Art Industrial Facilities at Canby Pioneer Industrial Park
Pg 3 - New Canby Developments
Pg 4 - Final Thoughts/Canby Urban Renewal Dist. Launches Construction of 42,900 Sq Ft Civic Building
Summer 2014 Newsletter (Complete PDF) (1.19 MB)

Pg 1 - Introducing Open Counter/Summer 2014 Residential Real Estate Trends
Pg 2 - New Canby Developments/Industrial Buildings Newly Available
Pg 3 - Gigabit Ultrafast Broadband Service Available in Canby
Pg 4 - Final Thoughts/Sequoia Parkway Extension Open
Fall 2013 Newsletter (Complete PDF) (1.27 MB)

Pg 1 - Fall 2013 Residential Real Estate Trends/Sequoia Parkway Extension Construction
Pg 2 - New Canby Developments/Cascade Engineering Technologies
Pg 3 - Why Jobs are Coming Our Way
Pg 4 - Final Thoughts/Canby Team Track Feasibility
Summer 2013 Newsletter (Complete PDF) (1.40 MB)

Pg 1 - Dragonberry Produce Grand Opening, Residential Real Estate Trends
Pg 2 - Canby Commercial Real Estate is Rebounding
Pg 3 - New Canby Developments/Clackamas County Unveils Online Site Search Program
Pg 4 - Final Thoughts…Why Canby?  Lights Camera, Canby!



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