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In Canby, an innovative new tool called OpenCounter helps businesses get up and running more quickly and easily. It provides fast, easy and comprehensive information on the Canby business location process online 24/7.
It asks the right questions, in the right order, so business owners see the requirements, fees, and processing time for their business and proposed location. Then businesses will receive a customized report based on their specific needs.


Strategic Investment Zone Incentive for Large Capital Investment

Canby is part of the Clackamas County Strategic Investment Zone program that is designed to attract very large capital intensive traded sector businesses making investments of over $25 million. The program provides a 15 year property tax abatement on buildings and equipment, consistent eligibility criteria and a streamlined approval process.


  • Traded sector businesses that sell their product or service outside of the State. Examples include production, manufacturing, high tech, among others.

  • Applies to large capital investments $25 million minimum.

  • Requires the company to pay a community service fee equal to 25% of the tax savings per year to local public service providers to offset community impacts. The community service fee is capped at an annual maximum of $500,000 in rural areas.


Please contact Renate Mengelberg, Canby Economic Development Director at 503-266-7001 or for more information.



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