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2013 Canby Economic Development Strategy

On April 3, 2013, the Canby City Council adopted the Economic Development Strategy above. The plan provides a wealth of information about the business climate and opportunities in Canby, Oregon. The report offers highlights, challenges and opportunities for major employment areas, highlights on key industry clusters, and an Economic Development Vision, mission and goals. Based on the strengths the community offers, three detailed strategies were developed to guide economic development efforts for the next 4-6 years. They include:

  Support Existing Businesses
  Recruit New Businesses and Development
  Ensure that Canby Remains an Attractive Place for Business
Below is an Executive Summary of Key Initiatives

This economic development strategy was based on in-depth analysis and information provided in the reports below:

Summary of Economic Development Reports and Recommendations
2013 Canby Vision  - Adopted March 20, 2013
Canby Business Clusters Analysis and Draft Strategies  - December 21, 2012
Canby Retail Market Analysis – July 2012
Canby Business Survey – Spring 2012
Clackamas County Economic Preparedness Program Community Assessment October 22, 2012
  For more Information Please Contact:
Renate Mengelberg, City of Canby Economic Development Director

Direct Phone: 503-266-0701
Cell: 503-504-5882
111 NW 2nd Avenue, Canby Oregon 97013



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