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The reports below provide current highlights about the Canby market area. This is defined as a 10 mile radius around City Hall, located at 182 N. Holly. The reports include information from 2013 with some projections for 2018. This information can help new and existing businesses understand their customers better and position their products and services for success.
Canby Fast Facts 2014 Employment and business, workforce, population, educational attainment highlights
Overview Includes highlights on people, labor force, budgets, and transportation.

Demographics Provides in-dept current 2015 market information for the Canby area in a 2, 5, and 10-mile radius. The 11-page report includes details on population, sex, age, race, households (number and size), income, labor force, travel time housing, and education.

Wages Focuses on occupations, and median and mean hourly and annual wages in the Portland metropolitan region.

Consumer Spending Canby Consumer 2014 & 2019 estimated spending per household and total for apparel, entertainment, food and beverage, gifts, furnishings, shelter, household operations, personal care, utilities, transportation, health care, miscellaneous, contributions and retail potential.

Labor Force See a 5 page overview of total establishments, employees, by size, and by type. For a 14-page report on Median mean, hourly and annual wages for a wide variety of occupations see: 2015 Portland Region Wage Report

Housing Highlights housing affordability, home and real estate data, median home and condo value, dollars per square foot, home value, type, owners vs. renters, average size, and year built (Statistics provided by Zillow).
These demographic reports are provided by Business Oregon.  The Oregon Prospector website provides great flexibility for downloading and customizing this data. You can easily download reports, export them in an excel or pdf format, create custom reports, create census tract based maps by category, or compare information to other communities or counties.

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